Bingo and Politics?

Politicians have never been held in high esteem by most of the public but occasionally one comes along with original ideas and methods. In Detroit where politics are chaotic at best the mayoral rice has been heating up lately. Generally politics and bingo don’t mix but Detroit mayoral candidate Nicholas Hood III has found a way to combing bingo and politics.

The contest between Nicholas Hood III and Dave Bing has been relatively low key. The recent fiasco with Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick still resonates among Detroit voters. While each candidate made the usual promises to return integrity to the mayor’s office candidate Hood has a secret weapon-Bingo.

Candidate Hood hosted a fish dinner for about 1,000 senior citizens followed by a lively game of bingo. The event took place at Bert’s Warehouse Theatre in Eastern Market in Detroit. The combination of bingo and politics is rare but Mr. Hood seems to have made good use of the mixture.

Hood, a former city councilman and pastor of Plymouth United Church of Christ sponsored the ‘bingo bonanza’ and bused seniors from around the city to the event. It remains to be seen how effective the combination of bingo and politics will be but there are a lot of bingo players out there and their votes could easily decide an election.

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