Bingo Providing Much Needed Jobs

The current recession has hit many people hard. The US lost over a half million jobs in November alone and more job losses are expected. When jobs are offered it is no surprise that there are many applicants for the same job.

In Alabama hundreds of people turned out to apply for 400 jobs at a new bingo hall being built in the area. The new bingo hall will be located at the Little Canoe Creek industrial site in Etowah County, Alabama. The bingo job fair was held at Alabama’s Gadsden State Community College.

Developer CBS Supply is offering positions in operation, maintenance, security and food and beverage preparation. According to county rules 70% of all employees must be from Capetown County. In these hard economic times, job creation is a rarity and the new bingo hall is a welcome addition. Bingo, both land based and internet bingo, seems to be one of the few growth industries left. So get out there and play bingo online or at the bingo hall!