Bingo to Go Mobile in 2009

Bingo will be going mobile in the UK in 2009! Next year online bingo players will be able to play their favorite game from anywhere with mobile service.

Last week at the fifth annual Mobile Gambling Summit for Europe representatives from online gaming companies and mobile service providers met to discuss the viability of mobile gaming. Some time next year internet bingo players will be able to download and access participating websites of internet bingo games.

Mobile gaming already exists with over $1.5 million dollars wagered in the last year. In the UK the land based bingo industry is in serious trouble due to smoking bans and a downturn in the European economy. This trend has sent many bingo players online and mobile bingo is expected to attract many online players.

Some online bingo websites have already experimented with mobile bingo and the new technology is expected to be widely available next year. Once the new technology is in place inveterate bingo players will be able to play their favorite game no matter where they happen to be. It will be interesting to see just what the online bingo industry comes up with in 2009.