Excitement in the Far North

When most of us think of a bingo hall we think of a bunch of blue haired old ladies sitting in a smoky room with eyes glued intently to the bingo cards in front of them. Most bingo games are friendly competition but in Homer Alaska some players have other ideas on how a bingo hall should be run.

For those who want a friendly bingo game any church sponsored bingo game should suffice. If its drama, yelling, and the possibility of a police action are wanted bingo game characteristics then the Emblem Club bingo at the Homer Elks Lodge is for you.

After more than 22 years of supporting the Emblem Club’s bingo, raffles and benefits, a woman was bullied out by a couple of new members because they didn’t like her. They even went so far as to have the Homer police serve her a “no trespass” notice.

The new self-proclaimed queen of bingo verbally abused this longtime patron by yelling and screaming at her in front of the other players on several occasions. I guess if you can yell loud, that makes you right, right?

The woman she ran off spends a lot of money on Emblem Club events. She is very helpful to other players and helps out when there aren’t enough Emblem Club volunteers to run the game. This unbelievable turn of events has many club regulars upset.

Generally bingo games are civilized affairs with some enthusiastic cheering and shouting ‘bingo’ and abusive behavior is rare in bingo halls. It would appear that in Alaska things are different.

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