It Had to Happen – Bailout Bingo!

In the US recently the government has spent over 2 trillion dollars bailing out various financial institutions. Although these bailouts remain highly unpopular they are seen by many as necessary actions taken to prevent the collapse of the US economy. It was only a matter of time before some clever person with a great sense of humor developed a bingo game based on terms used by many in the news media and government when referring to the bailout.

In the past we have seen such oddities in the land based and internet bingo world as buzzword bingo, televangelist bingo, Bob Dylan bingo state of the union bingo, and others too numerous to mention. Thanks to some enterprising person we now have ‘bailout bingo’. For your enjoyment here is a link to a website where Bailout Bingo cards can be downloaded—enjoy! And don’t forget to continue playing internet bingo games!