Bingo and Its History

The ever popular fun filled game we all know and love can be traced back to a lottery type game the Italians played in the early 1500’s. Over the years the game manifested into the tokens, cards, and the calling out of the numbers. In some parts of Europe, bingo was even used for educational purposes. Bingo was found useful to teach children their times table and difficult spelling for troubled children.

A fellow named Edwin Lowe developed what we know today as The Lowe Bingo Game. Lowe is said to have bought the game to the United States in the early 1900’s. He started off with dried beans calling the game ‘beano’ amongst his friends. Amidst all the playing excitement, one player accidentally called out ‘bingo’ and the game was thus coined appropriately. By the mid 1900’s the game was a favorite all over America.

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