Bingo Tournaments

Bingo tournaments allow bingo players to break free of the monotony of playing bingo in the same style. Bingo tournaments offer variety in that they are a series of bingo games versus a single bingo game. The basic format of the tournament played whether online or offline is the same. The winner of the tournament is a player who has accumulated most number of points playing the games in the series. The players receive points for every win in the game, and if two player win a game the points are split.

Internet bingo tournaments are getting very popular for the convenience and the ease of access they offer. Most of the online websites offer at least one bingo tournament on a daily basis. Most of the websites require players to have account with the websites and also to deposit money. But there are many exceptions, where a player can find websites that offer internet bingo games and tournaments for free, and also give nominal cash prizes.

Unlike many online tournaments, the land based bingo tournaments are rarely free games. This is because the organizers have to cover the expenses of renting the facility, equipment and other utilities. However land based bingo offer more cash prizes and many people prefer this style of playing because they are able to interact with many people. The land bingo offers social interaction with other people, attributing for its success especially with churches, fundraisers and now casinos.

In order to qualify for the tournament in the online environment many websites just require signing up for an account, and also making an initial cash deposit in some cases. Some websites may also require a person to have played a set number of games. The qualification criteria to participate in a bingo tournament varies from Website to Website. In the land based bingo games, it usually requires a membership with the bingo hall or club or paying entry fees for fundraising bingos. In case of churches or community centers the entry may be open to community members.

The prizes vary from cash prizes to cruises and vacation packages. In some community settings the prizes may include even things such as cakes and appliances. The most common prize given out is cash. However the organizers either online or offline may offer a variety of prizes from which the winner can choose. The cash prizes can range from the modest $100 to over a million dollars in some huge casinos and bingo halls. The prize amount offered is determined by the number of entrants and the number of buy-ins. Consequently the large websites and bingo halls are able to offer a greater variety as well as larger prizes.

The most important factor while participating in a bingo tournament however is that one should be familiar with rules of the tournament. Each tournament though organized along similar principles is different in the rules followed. Familiarity with the rules helps in preventing mistakes and disqualifications.