It Only Takes One!

Online bingo is widely advertised in the UK. Ads for internet bingo websites appear routinely on television. Many well known names such as Wink and Foxy bingo have used cleverly designed ad campaigns to attract new players.

The brick and mortar bingo industry is in real trouble in the UK and many well established bingo clubs have shuttered their doors. The demise of these bingo clubs is blamed on double taxation and the recently imposed smoking ban.

Recently an ad campaign by Ladbrokes bingo fell afoul of the Advertising Standards Authority. A single complaint by a member of the public resulted in the series of ads by Ladbrokes being banned from television.

The ads which were not in the least offensive featured thrill seekers doing all kinds of outlandish stunts such as a sky diver using a bag of potato chips as a parachute. The participants in these stunts end up playing online bingo, the gist being that internet bingo games are more exciting than the extreme stunts pictured.

Evidently a single member of the public was offended and complained to the ASA resulting in the ads being pulled. The ASA found that the ads “Portrayed gambling in the context of toughness and linked it to recklessness.” How the ASA came to these conclusions is a mystery.

For those in the US it is hard to understand how a single complaint could lead to a total ban on a company’s advertising. As a representative of the banned firm stated, “This is political correctness going too far.”