Organizing a Bingo Event

Bingo events are often organized for fundraisers and for charity events. Many parties also include bingo as one of the party games. While the family party games are easy to organize, organizing fundraising bingo events takes more planning. The first thing to remember before organizing the bingo event is to comply with local laws. Some places may require permissions to be obtained before organizing bingo events. Some other may waive this requirement if the event is being organized for charity purposes. In any event checking with the local authorities regarding the law should be the first step.

When choosing the venue, many considerations should be kept in mind, including table and neighborhood, parking, accessibility, seating arrangements, capacity, lighting, sound equipment and ventilation or heating needed. The organizers may also decide to allocate smoking and non-smoking areas. Keeping an adequate supply of bingo cards is also needed. The organizers should decide on the optimal number of cards to kept especially since many players use multiple cards to play. There may be permissions required for keeping bingo cards too, so this has to be checked with the respective authorities. Apart from the cards, equipment such as blowers, bingo balls and display equipment have to be rented.

Marketing the event is just as important. Flyers, emails, invitations, church announcements, community newsletter announcements, placards, advertisements and brochures are just some of the varied ways in which the bingo events can be advertised and marketed. Keeping food, drinks, markers and other merchandise on hand helps the organizers to raise more money, because the players often buy more of these things while playing at these events.

Prizes especially in these small events organized for charity are very modest and may include nominal cash prizes, baked goods, stuffed toys and gift cards. The idea being to promote the event as a day of family entertainment in exchange for funds for a good cause.

The modest scale of these events do not really compete with that of the professional bingo halls. These events organized as stated above may only work for small causes and charities. Organizing for profit events take more planning, organization, money and permits. The recent decline in people playing in such small events is compounded by the fact that online games offer more return for very little investment. To see just how diverse the offerings of an internet bingo website are, visit BingoHouse today! Believe it or not, there’s much more to a bingo website than internet bingo games!