Bingo Players – The Next Generation

For years bingo players have been stereotyped as little old ladies sitting in smoky church basements, paying rapt attention to a multitude of bingo cards in front of them. The computer age has changes all that forever. Online bingo has attracted a whole new generation of bingo players. Younger tech savvy college age internet bingo players are the norm rather than the exception.

Many of these younger players of internet bingo games tell how they were introduced to bingo by an older relative or friend only to teach that same relative or friend how to play online bingo. While poker remains the most popular game on the internet, online bingo is running a close second to poker. Many college students have written about their experiences introducing an older relative to online bingo. While many older people remain resistant to computers the students report that once they show an older relative how easy it is to play internet bingo and how much fun it is they become regular online bingo aficionados.

One young woman relates the story of how she found her mother spending an inordinate amount of time on her home computer. When she asked her mother why she spent so much time at the computer her mother said that a friend of hers had taught her to play online bingo and once she tried it she was hooked. In a case of role reversal he mother taught her to play online bingo starting with free bingo. The young woman then introduced her college roommate to internet bingo and both have become confirmed online bingo addicts.

One college student tells of playing bingo in class during boring lectures to pass the time. One young man reported that a $500 win kept him coming back to online bingo in hopes of a similar win. A whole new generation of bingo players has been spawned by online bingo. It’s not your grandmother’s bingo any more!