Is a Bingo Syndicate for You?

Most of us have heard of lottery syndicates where a group of people organize and collectively play various state and national lotteries. There have been a few cases of spectacular wins by lottery syndicates. Like a lottery syndicate a bingo syndicate is a group of people who agree to play internet bingo or land based bingo to increase their chances of winning and agree to share any jackpots or prizes equally.

Although anyone can set up a bingo or lottery syndicate with relative strangers it is always better to form a syndicate among trusted friends to avoid conflicts. For the syndicate to work it is essential that each member be scrupulously honest in reporting any winnings. To keep things simple a group of 8 to 12 people is recommended.

A bingo syndicate increases the odds of someone in the group winning. Say you have 4 people each playing 5 cards. That means that the syndicate actually has 20 cards in play significantly increasing the odds of winning. Obviously a share of a jackpot is better than no jackpot at all.

Even with the best of friends it is always a good idea to put everything in writing. Where will you play? How many bingo cards will each person purchase? When will you play? How will the members split any winnings? It is always better to have these things in writing which will help to avoid misunderstandings later.

Playing bingo as a syndicate adds to the social aspect to the game. Syndicate members can get excited about the success of fellow syndicate members which makes the game more fun. At present bingo syndicates are not common for the simple fact that the average bingo jackpot does not even come close to the size of the average lottery jackpot. Some internet bingo websites have some pretty large jackpots compared with the jackpots offered by land based counterparts. Whether played individually or as a syndicate bingo can be lucrative but most important of all—it’s a lot of fun!