Farmers Love Playing Bingo

You might think about most farming communities as being backwards and behind the times. Nothing could be further from the truth. There has been a technology revolution in farming.

The isolation of living on a farm actually has spurred a great increase in online use, especially among farmers. Farmers need to check the web for information about the heavy equipment that they use, including how to repair that equipment without a costly service call. Of course, nothing is more important to a farmer than the weather reports. And, the social networking sites help them stay in touch with friends and family given the longer distances that they may be away.

The internet also gives the farmer new online entertainment options. One such option is online bingo and farmers really enjoy the online chat rooms associated with internet bingo games. Chat is a vital part of the very social game of bingo and the women who live on farms are especially in need of socialization and interaction with other women.

“The women on the internet bingo sites have become my friends,” said Kelly Foltzhaus who lives in a farming community in southeast Ohio. “I look forward to seeing them online. We play on the same bingo sites and we have traded cell phone numbers and send text messages to each other as well. They are part of my support system when I have questions about my kids, school, or am having problems in my relationship.”