‘Queen of Bingo’ Sure to Please

Hey bingo players, there’s a new play about your favorite game that is making a big hit across the US of A. The ‘Queen of Bingo ‘documents the lives of two bingo fanatics on the other side of 50. The two main characters, Babe and Sis, are sisters and best friends who have been playing bingo at the mythical St. Joseph’s for decades.

The female parts are played by two men, Shane Partlow as ‘Sis’ and Rowan Joseph as ‘Babe.’ ‘Father Mac’ the bingo caller is played by Kevin M. Horton. The play explores the worlds of bingo, widowhood, hot flashes, diets, and winning at bingo. Sis plays bingo for the sheer enjoyment of the game while Babe is one of those players who just has to win.

Sis is naturally fit while Babe is constantly fighting the battle of the bulge. Sis is content to be a widow while Babe is constantly searching for love. Like sisters anywhere they drive each other crazy. The audience participates in the play and one lucky audience member will go home with a frozen turkey. For bingo players this play is sure to be a real treat.

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