Catherine Zeta Jones Loves Bingo

Catherine Zeta Jones is an avid bingo player.

Catherine Zeta Jones is an avid online bingo player.

Many people still believe bingo is a game for blue haired old ladies sitting in a smoky church basement, eyes intently fixed on multiple bingo cards, when nothing could be further from the truth. Bingo has attracted a much younger livelier crowd and even Hollywood stars enjoy a good game of bingo . Bingo has become popular in the trend setting gay community complete with outlandish games and callers.

Believe it or not many stars play bingo. Bingo has shed its stodgy reputation and many stars can be found at local bingo halls or will have private bingo parties at home. Catherine Zeta Jones is one of these stars. Long considered one of the most beautiful women on the screen this Welsh beauty is known for her bingo parties given in her home. Since Catherine spends most of her time in the US she plays 75 ball bingo. She is well known for hosting Christmas bingo parties in her home and friends and family eagerly participate. Catherine is as stylish playing bingo as she is onscreen.

Sharon Osbourne Loves to Play Bingo Online Too

Sharon Osbourne is the wife of rocker Ozzy, and a star in her own right. Sharon is so fanatical about bingo she even has her own bingo information website. Given Ozzy’s onstage persona it may be hard to imagine his wife as a bingo player but Sharon has long been a bingo ambassador. Sharon has been associated with UK bingo provider Gala bingo. Sharon has appeared in many commercials for Gala. After Ozzy was fired from Black Sabbath Sharon took over the management of Ozzy’s solo career recruiting talented backup musicians and proved to be a more than competent manager. Sharon has hosted her own talk show and was featured in the ‘The Osbournes’ and displayed amazing courage when it was found out she had cancer.

Pop star Robbie Williams is an avid footballer and bingo player. Robbie has been nominated for a Grammy and is a ten time BRIT award winner. Robbie has sold more albums than any other solo artist in history and his album sales stand at 55 million worldwide. Robbie’s favorite game is 90 ball bingo which enjoys immense popularity in the UK. In addition Robbie is heavisy involved in several charities and gives a lot of time and money to support his favored charities. Robbie has been known to patronize West Hollywood hotspot Hamburger Mary’s for a game of charity bingo. Robbie is also a denizen of London’s chic bingo clubs. Robbie is one of the few male celebrity bingo players.

Aussie star Russell Crowe used to be a bingo caller in his native Australia but got fired for using such colorful phrases as “number one, up your bum” and has been known to check out local bingo halls whenever he is somewhere new. Hard to beilieve the bar brawler from Oz used to be a bingo caller!

Barack Obama & Prince William Love Bingo

US president Barack Obama’s stepmother Kezia Obama is an avid bingo player and recently partnered with Gala bingo to raise money for the Sue Ryder Charity which provides palliative care for those suffering from terminal illnesses. Mrs. Obama is an avid bingo player and plays regularly in local bingo halls. Mrs. Obama recently presented a 20,000 Pound ($29,048 USD)check to the Sue Ryder Charity. Mrs. Obama plans to visit the White House this summer and who knows, maybe she will introduce bingo to the White House!

In the UK even the royals are getting into bingo. Prince William was spotted with his mates at a local bingo hall near Sandhurst. The prince bought 5.9 pounds ($7.24 USD) worth of bingo cards but sadly, did not win. It is rumored that the Queen herself enjoys an occasional game of bingo but her playing habits have not been made public.

West Hollywood bingo hotspot Hamburger Mary’s conducts charity bingo games attended by several Hollywood celebrities. Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines has been spotted at the games as has Robbie Williams mentioned above. Celebrities who have been spotted at Hamburger Mary’s include, Ed Asner, Linda Blair, Rith Buzzi, Courteney Cox, Daryl Hannah, Perez Hilton, Lisa Kudrow, Rod McKuen, and Tori Spelling. It is easy to see why these outlandish games attract so many players.

The stereotype of the typical bingo player has been destroyed forever. It’s a younger wilder crowd nowadays at bingo halls in the US and the UK. In recent years bingo has undergone a rennaissance and internet bingo is second to poker in popularity. It’s a whole different ball game and “It ain’t your grandmothers bingo anymore!”