UK Bingo Industry Spending Big Bucks!

A leading UK based bingo directory has released a report that details the amount of money spent by the online bingo industry on television advertising in the UK. The research showed that there are more than 230 UK based online bingo websites and the industry spent $10 million dollars for television ads in 2008 according to Nielsen Media Research.

Two UK based internet bingo sites accounted for over half the money spent by the bingo industry on TV advertising. FoxyBingo spent more than $3.27 million and Tombola spent $2.54 million. These two sites accounted for over half of the $10,352,855 spent by the online bingo industry on television ads in the UK. These often humorous ads have been effective as evidenced by the vast increase in the number of players.

The UK online bingo industry is thriving and experienced an astounding 80% increase in the number of new players in 2008. Fierce competition has prodded UK online bingo websites to offer larger jackpots, promotions, and more player perks in an attempt to attract new players and retain current players. A report released last year showed that players of internet bingo games in the UK spent an astounding $1.2 billion dollars on bingo cards.

The online bingo industry is also creating much needed jobs in the midst of the worst recession in decades. The rapid expansion of the online bingo industry has created new career opportunities in the online bingo sector. In January of 2009 two online bingo providers reported the creation of over 90 new jobs.

It is clear that the online bingo industry makes significant contributions to the hard pressed UK economy. Online bingo is one of the few industries that have managed not only to survive, but also thrive in the midst of a severe recession.