A Bingo Hall Revival in the UK?

In the past few years land based bingo in the UK has suffered several setbacks. The draconian smoking ban decimated bingo halls as attendance was severely diminished. Many smokers stopped playing at bingo halls and internet bingo sites reported a surge in customers. Recent news from the UK suggests that bingo halls are experiencing a revival of sorts.

Gala bingo which has been a major player in both offline and online bingo markets reported an increase in players at their land based halls. Last week gala ran a free bingo day promotion and an estimated 250,000 bingo players showed up to take advantage of free bingo. Many bingo halls reported attendance in excess of 1,500. Simon Longbottom, Managing Director of Gala’s Gaming Division stated, “We were delighted to see queues forming around some of our clubs. Bingo is a great British institution that thrives on community involvement. So to hear the buzz of a full club made customers and staff alike feel overjoyed.”

In the meantime most smokers have made the move to internet bingo games and have not returned to their former bingo halls. Online bingo continues to grow in popularity in the UK and now rivals poker for the most popular online gambling game. It remains to be seen if land based bingo will experience a revival in the UK.