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The New rock group the Zimmers

The New rock group the Zimmers

A lot of us who play bingo remember the glory days of rock n’ roll in the 60’s. The ‘British Invasion’ as it was known in the US brought us such groups as the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, Dave Clark 5, and others. Those were exciting days but now many of us are content to find our entertainment in a good game of bingo.

Although many of the bands of those days of yore are still performing age has taken its toll. Many musicians once known for their stage antics are giving what can only be called staid performances. For many of these musicians the days of stage acrobatics are a thing of the past.

In the UK bingo clubs are facing hard times due to the recent national smoking ban and double taxation of bingo clubs. This double whammy has forced several bingo clubs to shutter their doors forever. When these bingo clubs shut down quite a few late middle aged people are left without any sort of entertainment. A few London lads who happen to be bingo buddies found the solution facing so many—they formed a rock n’ roll band!

The Zimmers, whose lead singer is 91, just celebrated the debut of their 14 song album “Lust for Life” at a Berlin shopping center. The group received what has been called an “enthusiastic reception.” The album features cover versions of songs by the Who, Beatles, and Frank Sinatra. The group has an average age of 80 and two of the members are 102!

These bingo buddies are in the process of becoming a registered charity. They hope their performances will attract attention to the isolation and abandonment felt by many senior citizens. They also are determined to have a good time. When asked about groupies lead singer Alf Carretta, 91, stated, “Hopefully we won’t be chased around by groupies; we can’t run very fast anymore.”

These bingo buddies received rave reviews on the popular video sharing website YouTube for their cover of the Who’s “My Generation.” There is no word on whether the boys still play bingo. If they plan to spend a lot of time on the road, they may want to consider internet bingo which can be played anywhere on mobile devices.

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