Seniors and Online Bingo Games

Playing online bingo does not require any special tech skills and most online bingo websites are easily navigated. In fact most players consider online bingo easier to play than the traditional land based version. Online bingo players have the option to play on ‘auto pilot’ which allows players to play multiple cards without having to mark them manually. It is not uncommon for internet bingo players to play 50 to 75 cards at once.

Many bingo players are senior citizens who can be somewhat reluctant to adopt computer technology. Many are uncomfortable with computers and see them as complicated and hard to use when nothing could be further from the truth. My father, who is 84, was originally reluctant to learn how to operate a computer but after a short learning period it is difficult to keep him away from the machine.

Once the basics are learned many older people who used to frequent bingo halls now play their favorite game online. Instead of waiting for game days at the local church or VFW seniors can now play internet bingo anytime they feel the desire for a game of bingo. Bingo can now be played from the comfort of home. For those with limited mobility, online bingo offers entertainment and the opportunity to interact with other players without having to leave home.

For those with vision problems online bingo can be played with little or no difficulty and special narrator programs are available for those with limited vision. Of course what really attracts so many to online bingo is the fun factor not to mention the fact that substantial sums of money can be won. No matter whether you’re 19 or 90 online bingo games have never been better!