Online Bingo Gaining Popularity in Japan

According to Wikipedia the three top countries for bingo are the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom in that order. Popular perception has the UK in first place with the United States second but this is not the case. Bingo became popular in Japan during the great depression of the 1930’s. In Japan, bingo halls are often combined with clubs where alcohol is served unlike the more sedate bingo halls in the US and the UK.

In Japan, bingo is also available as a slot game in Japan. It has been reported that Japanese bingo is very popular with women between twenty five and thirty five and its popularity is quickly spreading to most age groups and both sexes. Demographic research has shown that most Japanese who play bingo online are under fifty. In Japan, the internet bingo industry is growing in spite of the current global recession.

Ninety ball bingo is the most popular online bingo game in Japan. The 90 ball version was a British twist on the traditional American 75 ball bingo game. Like bingo players everywhere Japanese players play bingo for social interaction and entertainment. The number of Japanese online bingo websites has increased dramatically in recent years to serve the growing online bingo audience.

Japanese online bingo players share some characteristics with their UK counterparts. During the current recession people in both countries are seeking inexpensive home based entertainment and online bingo is a prefect fit for this need. The possibility of winning substantial sums of money adds to the attractiveness of online bingo in Japan. It is no surprise that online bingo has become so popular in Japan. Japan is a technologically sophisticated society with large computer presence and infrastructure already in place.

Online bingo is expected to continue growing in popularity in Japan. Online bingo providers are entering new markets with varying degrees of success and some are expected to target other Asian countries in the near future.