Online Bingo Popular in Canada

The Canadian Gaming Association reports that gambling, including online bingo, is a very popular activity in Canada and also provides employment for a large number of Canadian citizens. The gaming industry in Canada accounts for 267,000 jobs with 137,000 of those jobs directly connected with gaming. According to the report issued by the organization the gaming industry in Canada ads $15.3 billion Canadian dollars to the country’s economy.

The popularity of online bingo should come as no surprise. Canada has historical ties to the UK where all forms of bingo enjoy immense popularity. In Canada both traditional 75 ball and the 90 ball version are popular with players. Unlike their US counterparts Canadian citizens enjoy unfettered access to online gaming sites, including internet bingo.

The Canadian Gaming Association report is probably the most detailed report ever done on the Canadian gaming industry. The report reveals that $8.7 billion Canadian dollars go to support charities and government social services and $6.6 billion CD is used for paying salaries and purchasing goods and services.

Like the US, Canada has its anti gambling zealots but unlike the United States gambling opponents have little political power. The composition of gambling opponents is similar to those in the US, consisting chiefly of radical religious and ‘family values’ groups. Opponents cite the same old arguments against gaming like gambling ‘addiction’ and underage gambling. Canadian gambling opponents have called the report ‘one sided.’

Bill Rutsey of the Canadian Gaming Association has stated that gambling opponents are a, “vocal minority within the population, approximately five per cent, who are opposed to gaming, primarily for moral reasons.” Even the conservative Harper government has taken no action related to gambling. Canadian players of internet bingo games can remain confident that access to their favorite game will not be subject to political manipulation in Ottawa.