Bingo Machines

Bingo machines are like improvised slot machines that play bingo. In some countries slot machines are prohibited, but all forms of bingo are permitted. Casinos have tried to cash on this trend by inventing bingo machines. The bingo machines function very similarly to the slot machines. Both need tokens to be inserted to spin the wheels. The designs used are also very similar, things like diamonds, spades, cherries etc. In the case of bingo machines, when the design form a specific pattern then the game is won.

Unlike the slot machines, the coins do not drop into a hopper when the game is won. Instead bingo machines print out the winning cards that can be cashed just like in a regular bingo game. Bingo machines have become immensely popular after recent court rulings legalizing their use. It is estimated that as many as 30000 bingo machines will make their way into states like California and Pennsylvania.

Bingo is considered more a game of chance than a gambling game. Therefore the use of bingo machines poses no legal restrictions in many states that oppose gambling. Machine manufacturers hope to popularize the use of bingo machines by introducing them in churches, senior centers and charity organizations. The Government regulations only specify that these machines contain pull out tabs that print the winning bingo tickets.

The essential similarity between the bingo and slot machines has drawn a lot of criticism from people opposing gambling machines. The relative ease of using the bingo machines however is big positive for charity halls and churches. The use of the machine essentially means that individuals can play bingo without the hall spending to organize a bingo event. Caller, bingo number generator, furniture and hall expenses are virtually eliminated. Also individual players need not wait for the next bingo event to play. For seniors who may not be internet savvy, this provides an easier alternative to playing internet bingo, even though internet bingo games offer great bingo promotions!

The revenues generated from the bingo machine may be tax exempt for non-profit organizations. Thus the bingo machines have made an entrance into the bingo market.