Sacha Baron Cohen Sued Over Bingo Game Antics

Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno

Sacha Baron Cohen Bruno

The recent lawsuit filed against British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has been receiving extensive coverage in the media and also by online bingo portals. Cohen is best known for his colorful characters like ‘Borat’, a Kazakh journalist, ‘Ali G’, a hip hop interviewer, and ‘Bruno’, an outrageously gay character with an Austrian accent. Cohen is no stranger to lawsuits. He recently won two lawsuits filed against him because of antics during the filming of Borat.

The newest lawsuit was triggered by Cohen’s antics while acting as a celebrity bingo caller at a charity bingo game. The woman who filed the lawsuit is Richelle Olsen who runs the charity bingo game in Palmdale California. Evidently Cohen’s staff was able to convince Olsen that ‘Bruno’ was a celebrity and would gladly serve as a celebrity bingo caller. When ‘Bruno’ appeared Olsen was stunned by the flamboyant character. Olsen described ‘Bruno’ as “extreme, outrageous, offensive caricature of a gay man dressed in sexually revealing clothing with an Austrian accent…”

The lawsuit alleges that Cohen proceeded to use vulgar language while calling numbers for the charity bingo game. The audience attending the charity bingo game was composed largely of senior citizens. When Olsen tried to take the microphone from ‘Bruno’ a struggle ensued and Olsen alleges that ‘Bruno’ “offensively touched, pushed and battered.” Olsen claims that three cameramen and other members of Cohen’s entourage rushed the stage and attacked her further. Olsen says she went into a room offstage and was “sobbing uncontrollably” and fell forward hitting her head on a concrete slab causing brain bleeding. Olsen says she has been in a wheelchair ever since.

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