Where Can USA Bingo Players Play?

Online Bingo for U.S Players

If you’re a bingo lover, you’ve probably already checked out some of the best internet bingo sites like Bingo House,Bingo USA Sites Bingo Boat, Virgin Bingo, Gone Bingo or the many others to be found on the web. You’re all excited about the prospect of playing some real bingo and making tons of money at it. However, before you rush out and make a large deposit, you really want to check on the laws regarding online bingo for U.S. players.

Can You Cash in Your Winnings?

This is a question asked by many U.S. players, in reference to some of the new laws regarding online bingo for U.S. players. Many bingo lovers will join sites and make deposits only to have their friends tell them they can’t cash in their winnings even if they do win because of laws against gambling in the U.S. Is this true? How do these laws affect internet bingo games for U.S. players?

U.S. Gambling laws affecting online bingo

The laws that have passed recently are an attempt to put a limit on the ability banks have to process credit cards for citizens of the United States. They also prevent payment providers that are based in the U.S. from taking payments to be used for online gaming. How does this affect online bingo for U.S. players?

The laws regarding internet gambling are continually under study by Congress, which is great for the online bingo business. Many bingo sites have suffered from the difficulties stemming from these laws. However, many bingo sites are continuing to serve the U.S. players, particularly if the sites are outside of their jurisdiction and if the American players are not criminally breaking the law.

Check out your Bingo Sites

If you’re considering joining one or more of the many online bingo sites, check out their policies regarding accepting payments from US citizens as well as providing payments on winnings. Many of the bingo sites that are part of the Bingo network will have their own stipulations regarding payouts.

One thing that you may need to check on when joining new sites is their payout policies regarding winnings that came from the free cash you received for joining the site. Some bingo sites like Bingo Vega will let you collect winnings from the free trial money to play more bingo but will not let you cash out until you’ve actually made deposits.