What are Free Bingo Bucks? How Can You Acquire Them?

Many online casino sites offer players free bingo bucks.  These are essentially bonus bucks that can be used for playing free games.  There are two types of free bingo bucks, one of which is given out to new players upon sign up, and the other of which is given out as a loyalty incentive.  The latter can be given out every time a player participates in some way, such as making a deposit or winning a mini-chat game.

Websites such as Bingo Boat give out BB’s to new players upon registration.  If you sign up to play internet bingo games on a site such as this, you can receive free play money!  These can be worth anywhere from $5-$30.  Also, some of the best sites will offer free bingo bucks in the form of reload bonuses.  This means you’ll receive extra money for free every time you make a deposit!

If you prove yourself to be a loyal player, you’ll continue to receive rewards.  Bingo is perhaps the cheapest form of entertainment on the world wide web.  Even if you don’t win a fortune, you’ll at least break even with no trouble, whether you consider yourself to be a lucky person or not.  The more you spend, the more free BB’s you’ll receive.  This means you don’t have to spend all that much in order to play a bunch of games.

Every time you receive or win free bingo bucks, they’ll be deposited into your account.  You can then use them to play for free, although some sites will allow you to exchange them for gifts.  There are different levels of loyalty, and the amount of free bucks you receive is determined by your membership level.  After your initial bonus is used up, you’ll have to work your way up to a high level.  Make sure you choose your site carefully so that sticking around for awhile will be worth the time and effort.  Once you make it to a high level, you’ll receive more free bingo bucks than anyone else!

As nice as it all of this sounds, internet bingo sites do not give out free money.  This is where some players get things wrong.  If you win anything, you’ll need to stick around and participate if you want to withdraw your winnings.  You can’t simply use your free bingo bucks to win a cash prize and then expect to receive it the very next day.  You may have to wager a certain amount of your own deposits before requesting prize money.  Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully before joining a site.