Helpful Tips for Choosing a Bingo Site

Online bingo is the most popular online game in the UK and about three million play internet bingo every week. Online bingo is now a billion dollar a year industry and continues to grow. During the last three years online bingo has expanded into new markets such as Spain and Scandinavia and is preparing to enter the lucrative Italian market. In the US proposed legislation may open the American bingo market and the industry is ready. At present many American players are having difficulty finding bingo sites to play at. Since many American players are unfamiliar with the online version of the game some may find it difficult to choose a suitable bingo site. Here are a few tips to help new American players to find a good bingo site to play at.

Most bingo sites also operate blogs and bingo portals and while many of these provide some good tips and hints the information contained on these sites may be biased and inaccurate. There are several ways you can get unbiased information. Forums are a great source of information. Online gambling forums usually have several threads devoted to internet bingo and new players can read about the experiences of others at various bingo sites. Make sure the site is independent. Social networking sites are also great sources of information. For example Facebook has many pages devoted to online bingo.

Do a Google search. If you are looking for a certain type of bingo game use that as your search term. Google has an excellent keyword search tool that is available for free. For example you could type in ’90 ball bingo’ and look at all the top search terms others are using. This valuable tool allows a player to narrow down a search instead of just typing in ‘bingo’ and then sorting through the millions of results.

Once you have found a bingo site that looks interesting you will probably have some questions. For example are the games download or no download? In the past most games required players to download each game but new flash technology allows players to log in and play instantly.

How many bingo games does the site offer? Today many online bingo sites offer 80 and 90 ball bingo in addition to the traditional 75 ball version of the game. Many American players may not be familiar with 80 and 90 ball bingo but they are very easy to learn.

Be sure to check out the bingo bonuses offered by bingo sites. Many bingo sites offer very generous deposit bonuses. Most bingo sites also offer free bingo and this option is a great way for you to check out the games on a website.  Obviously most players will also check out the size of the jackpots. Be sure to read the FAQ section of any site you are considering.

If you follow these simple suggestions you will have no trouble locating a bingo site that suits your bingo needs perfectly!