How to Improve Your Bingo Game

Everyone loves bingo and like most games bingo players want to win. Since bingo is a random game of chance and not skill based strategies for improving one’s chances of winning are somewhat limited. Anyone who has been to a bingo hall is familiar with bingo machines with their numbered balls.  Internet bingo uses a random number generator to achieve the same randomness. In fact some land based bingo halls are now using random number generators because of their low maintenance costs and reliability. Even though bingo is a game of chance there are a few things a player can do to win that next big bingo jackpot.

We have all heard the theory that the more cards played the better the chance of winning. This may not actually be true especially for land based players. In a land based game the more cards, the greater the chance of making a mistake. Players of internet bingo games can use the ‘auto daub’ feature and can play dozens of cards at a time and it is impossible to make a mistake with the auto daub feature.

There are actually two schools of thought when it comes to playing more than one card at a time. The first theory says that a player should select cards with similar numbers. The theory holds that with similar numbers if a number hits on one card it is likely to hit on the others giving the player a better chance of winning.  The other theory holds that cards with different numbers have a better chance of winning due to the random nature of the game. It may sound strange but many people swear by these theories.

Some experts advise players to go for the higher priced bingo cards. Generally these games have fewer players and the jackpots are usually higher.

Play internet bingo games that offer ‘bonus balls’. If these bonus balls appear on a winning card the player will receive bonus points which will increase overall winnings.

Play online bingo games during the week instead of on weekends. On weekdays there are fewer players and fewer cards being played. The winnings may not be as big as at weekend games but players have a better chance of winning smaller jackpots more often. For big money games play on the weekend but be aware that the chances of winning will be diminished.

Be sure to check the reputation and reliability of a bingo site. There are many independent reviews online and these can save players a lot of unpleasantness. After all what good does it do to win if the site has a reputation for not paying players their legitimate winnings?

Happy playing and good luck!