Some Very Interesting Bingo Statistics

There are hundreds of websites serving the internet bingo community worldwide. The sheer number of bingo sites makes finding reliable statistics difficult. Some surveys are generic and include both land based and online bingo while others are more specific. There are some companies that do market research and provide up to date statistics to the online bingo industry. Bullet Business in London hosts the annual online bingo summit and provides the bingo industry with reliable marketing information. Here are some very interesting bingo statistics gleaned from several reliable sources.

Which do bingo players prefer no download or download internet bingo games? 23% prefer no download and 16% prefer games that require downloads.  61% undecided.

Favorite bingo side games? 54% prefer slot games, 36% play all side games and 9% prefer bingo’s first cousin Keno.

How often do most online bingo fans play? 21% daily, 20% more than once a week, 19% play once a week, 8% play 3 or 4 times a month, 6% play once a month and 25% less than one time a month.

75 ball vs. 90 ball bingo? 69.2% prefer 75-ball bingo while 30.8% say they prefer 90-ball bingo.

What is the chief factor in choosing an online bingo site like BingoHouse? 21.5% said deposit bonuses were the most important factor,  20.9% friendly players  and a strong community atmosphere affected their decision,  13.9% said they heard of their favorite site through advertising , 12.7% said jackpots and prizes were the chief factors, 10.8% deposit options and convenience,  8.2% were attracted by the site name,  5.1% recommendation  by a friend,  0.6% friendly Chat Leaders, and 6.3% other reasons.

Biggest win playing bingo? (Includes land based and online bingo) 25% have won between $100 and $500 dollars and an astounding 75% say they have won between $1,000 and $5,000!

How many bingo sites does the average person play at? 56.4% said they regularly play at more than three bingo sites, 22.8% play at two sites, 12.9% at three sites and 7.9% say they only play at one site regularly.

Multitasking while playing bingo? 50% said yes, 16% said they focus on the game, and 33% said it depends on the game.

Some of these figures include both land based and online bingo while others are solely for online bingo. Some of the figures are surprising especially the number of players who have won jackpots in the $1,000 to $5,000 range.  Those figures alone should make playing bingo very attractive!