Some Very Surprising Bingo Statistics

A very interesting video over at MetaCafe has revealed some very interesting bingo statistics that are sure to destroy the preconceived notions of many regarding this popular game. Bingo is popular around the world and generates billions of dollars every year. Here are some of the more interesting bingo statistics-

Charitable bingo in the United States generates about $3 billion dollars a year for charities around the country. Charitable bingo is played in 49 states. Arkansas was the only state where charitable bingo was outlawed by that has changed.

The global gross gaming yield generated by bingo amounts to $1 billion dollars a year and is rapidly growing. Bingo generated revenues has doubled since 2006 when the total bingo revenue was half a billion dollars.

In the UK playing bingo is now the most popular leisure activity for women between the ages of 20 to 25 years old. (single men take note!)

Statistics show that about 85% of all people who play online bingo are women, (again Men take note!)

Researchers believe that approximately 50,000 land based bingo players have moved online out of a total of 3 million bingo players. Most of these new players of internet bingo games are under 50 destroying the perception that bingo is only played by old people.

Worldwide there are about 100 million players and 80% of these are women ages 30 to 50. The other 20% are men in the same age group.

Despite the astounding growth of online bingo only about 1% of land based players have moved online illustrating the potential of online bingo.

Almost 85% of all bingo players play online and of these players more than 50% say they play online bingo every day.

20% of all online bingo players have been playing for less than 2 years, another 20% have been playing online bingo for less than 5 years and 40% of all online bingo players have played for over 5 years.

Recent research shows a surprisingly small number of bingo players over 65 destroying the myth that most bingo players are senior citizens and pensioners.

Online bingo is available in the traditional 75 ball version and the newer 90 ball bingo game. 69.2% play 75 ball bingo and 30.8% say they prefer 90 ball bingo. There are currently no statistics available for the 80 ball version of bingo.

Internet bingo offers players an ‘auto daub’ feature enabling multi tasking while they play bingo online. 83% of all online bingo players say they multi task while playing online bingo.