Big Bingo Prizes: A Storyline

Although there are many aspects of bingo that attract the millions of die-hard fans that flock to the nations bingo halls every day (the social aspect of the game, for instance, is often cited as many people’s favourite part of bingo) but if most bingo players are honest, it is surely the chance of winning a massive cash prize that is the biggest attraction to bingo addicts.


All big bingo fans will have their own stories of how they won prizes at their hall and many admit the rush when one stamps the last few numbers before a win is what keeps them going back for more when they aren’t having such a successful run. Nothing can quite compare to the excitement that must have surrounded Grandmother Christine Bradfield, from Bargoed in Caerphilly County who won a remarkable £1.1 million at the Castle Club in Methyr Tydfil, Wales.


General Manager of the Castle Club Mike Wiltshire confirmed as such claiming that the win, which turned out to be the biggest in bingo history “The place erupted, everyone went wild,” he said.

“It was amazing. And word spread quickly so that most people in Merthyr knew before the end of the evening.”

Mrs Bradfield amazingly made history by winning the Platinum Prize in the National Bingo Game one fateful Sunday night in 2008. The bingo game was, at the time, played concurrently in 470 venues across the country.


The staggering prize was a culmination of all the separate jackpots from the night with the platinum prize totalling £1,018,233; the Sunday night National Game prize of £80,000, the Zone prize of £3,121 and the Club prize of £335. Quite a good reason to start to play bingo.


Despite winning enough money to set her up for life and in a move that will warm the hearts of bingo players the World over, Mrs Bradfield claimed that this win would not stop her from continuing playing at her local bingo hall.


“I just love the game,” she said. “I have been playing since I was old enough at 18 and I won’t stop now.”

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