Bingo Addict Nails Lover for £53,286 ($81,286)

Everyone loves bingo! In the UK it is the most popular online game and is also the most popular leisure activity for women 20 to 25 years old. There are huge bingo palaces throughout the UK and despite recent setbacks bingo games are well attended. In fact about three million people in the UK play internet bingo and land based bingo every week. Bingo players are not immune from gambling addiction but it is relatively rare among bingo players. A few years an Arizona Grandmother who was also a bingo ‘addict’ was caught with 400 bounds of cannabis in her car which she sold to support her bingo addiction. The story made news around the world.

Across the pond in the UK recent news reports tell the story of a hard core bingo player who took her partner for over £50,000 ($76,752.50 USD) to fund her internet bingo games. Catherine Duff, of Hyde UK, ran up a series of debts on credit cards belonging to her partner of 15 years. She began her bingo spree in 2003 when she started to use partner Carolyn Wilson’s credit cards to fund her bingo games. Ms. Duff actually managed to keep her theft a secret for four years by intercepting the mail while her partner, a night shift worker, slept.

The thefts were brought to light when a bill arrived at Wilson’s daughter’s house. Wilson then obtained a credit report which revealed all of the credit card thefts. Amazingly Wilson allowed Duff to stay at her house after Duff promised to repay the money. Duff then posed as Ms. Wilson and remortgaged her home to the tune of £13,000 ($19,955.65 USD) leaving Wilson stuck with total debts of £53,286. ($81,796.68 USD)

Ms. Wilson had finally had enough and called police. Despite having a clean record Duff received a jail sentence. The sentencing judge stated; “Even with your previously good character and the plea of guilty, these circumstances are so serious only a prison sentence can be imposed.”  Happily the vast majority of online bingo players do not indulge in these sorts of activities. With the generous deposit bonuses and player incentives offered by most sites like BingoBoat there is no reason to engage in any illegal activities.