Bingo and Lottery Players – Similarities and Differences

Although the comparison is not immediately obvious to most the game of bingo and lotteries have a few things in common. Both are random games of chance, both use either a ball machine to select winning numbers or a random number generator.  If there are multiple winners in a bingo game they split the jackpot just like lottery winners do. The main difference is in the size of the jackpots to be won.

While lottery jackpots are typically in the tens or even hundreds of millions bingo jackpots are usually not that large although recently there have been a couple of bingo millionaires thanks to the UK’s National Bingo Game. The odds of winning a huge lottery jackpot are usually less than those of being struck by lightning but the odds of winning a bingo jackpot are actually pretty good. A majority of bingo players both land based and online report winning over $500 dollars playing bingo. Most bingo players report multiple wins and although there are no ‘professional’ bingo players quite a few online players win substantial amounts frequently.

Most gaming experts say that bingo is not skill based like poker or blackjack but playing dozens of bingo cards at once requires a considerable amount of coordination and skill. Land based bingo games are fast paced and it is amazing to watch seasoned players daubing multiple cards with a speed that can only be described as superhuman. Internet bingo players have it pretty easy compared with their land based counterparts and can use the auto daub feature which eliminates any possibility of making a mistake.

Bingo games take place instantly but lottery players may have to wait days to find out if they’ve won a prize. Bingo players know if they’ve won the instant that ‘bingo’ is called. Online bingo is a highly social game while lottery players are by and large solitary players. While talking is frowned on at bingo halls when a game is in progress socializing is encouraged at online bingo chat rooms. Most bingo sites have special chat games and most bingo providers say a good chat leader is worth ‘his/her weight in gold.

In the UK people can play bingo online and buy lottery tickets using mobile phones. Players love the convenience of being able to play bingo or buy lotto tickets no matter where they happen to be. Times are certainly getting better for both bingo and lottery players!