Bingo for Beginners

There are about 100 million bingo players worldwide and at some point in time a majority of these players have considered going online to play their favorite game. To play internet bingo all that is needed is an internet connection and very basic computer skills. Most internet bingo sites make signing up and playing incredibly easy and offer players a wide variety of funding and withdrawal options. New online players are usually pleasantly surprised by the huge variety of games and the prizes and jackpots which are usually much higher than those found at land based bingo halls.

Obviously the first thing a new online player is confronted with is choosing a site to play at. There are hundreds of bingo sites online and choosing a site can be challenging. Many new players have been referred to a specific bingo site by friends but there are other options. Bingo portals, blogs, and forums are great places to find information about a specific site. Keep in mind that many bingo blogs are operated by specific bingo sites with the intention of promoting their own brand and may not provide impartial information.

It is also important to check where the bingo site is licensed. The UK maintains a ‘white list’ of bingo sites that are licensed in approved jurisdictions. The standards for licensing are strict with plenty of consumer protections. Malta and Gibraltar are two examples of white list jurisdictions. New players should also check for security features and these are usually found in the FAQ section on the home page of most bingo websites. Shop around and check out the features of a few sites. Thanks to a highly competitive market bingo sites are offering a huge variety of player perks and promotions. In addition most internet bingo sites offer a free play option and players can check out the games and all of the site features before making a commitment to a specific site.  Some sites require a deposit before the free play option is available.

Most English bingo sites offer 75 and 90 ball bingo. American players may not be familiar with the 90 ball version of the game but it is very easy to learn. There is also an 80 ball version of bingo available at some sites. Chat rooms are a popular feature and conversation is encouraged during games. For the new player chat rooms are invaluable. Older players are more than willing to help new players and make them feel welcome. Thanks to competition in the online bingo market there has never been a better time to be an online bingo player!