Examining the Different Types of Bingo Games

Although bingo has grown rapidly in popularity in recent years, there are still, shockingly people who have never played the game out there. It may seem to many that bingo is an incredibly simple game that is the same in every bingo hall and on every internet bingo website the world over, but the truth is that there are many variations of the game that anyone can pick up and play easily. Here is a quick guide to a few of these very games so hopefully, in no time at all, you will be enjoying a big win down the bingo hall!

One type of bingo game is the one called “cover all”. This is perhaps the game that people think of most when talking of bingo and the aim is simply to cover all the numbers that appear on your card and the first to do so is declared the winner. “Cover all” is extremely popular on online bingo sites and although it can take a while, with so any numbers being called out, players should be aware that the odds of a win are the same as in other games.

A game that is a bit quicker for those fans of online bingo games is “four corners”. “Four corners” is again as simple as it sounds, with players simply having to cover the four corners of the bingo card in order to win.

“Cross” is another popular form of bingo, with everybody hoping to form a cross on their card as the numbers are drawn out, pretty simple stuff but great fun to play!

“Diamond” is yet one more form of the online game that has risen in popularity in recent years with the game just being another variation on the shape players are looking to cover on the bingo card. This time the shape is, of course, a diamond, with the numbers that need to be covered usually being B3, I2, I4, N1, N5, G2, G4, and O3.

I hope this has helped you understand some of the more popular types of sky bingo, now you’re ready to play!