Is the UK Bingo Market Saturated?

At the last online bingo summit held in London in July one major topic of discussion was whether the UK internet bingo market is saturated with too many sites. Currently there are about 324 bingo sites targeting the UK market and about two to three new bingo sites are launched every week. For those that follow the online bingo and gaming industry it is amazing that any of these new sites attract players. Many new sites are not highly capitalized and simply cannot compete with older established bingo brands. For many new sites providing the very generous sign up and deposit bonuses offered by established sites would be economic suicide.

Many new sites share a software platform provided by an established bingo network. Most people that play bingo online have probably noticed that many sites look alike and offer the same games, bingo bonuses and side games. New bingo sites that are part of an established bingo network probably have a better chance at survival than their independent counterparts. Some bingo sites use their own proprietary software which is expensive. Unlike bingo sites that are part of a network independent bingo sites must absorb all of the costs involved in launching a new website. There are web designers to be paid, software and game developers, marketing expenses, server and hosting fees and a lot of other expenses.

Independent bingo sites must compete with industry giants that have tons of money at their disposal. Major newspapers in the UK operate their own online bingo games and smaller sites usually cannot afford extensive television and media advertising campaigns. According to one industry report the atmosphere in the online bingo and slots industry will be ‘cut throat’ and many in the industry expect wars of attrition has the competition for players heats up. If this happens marginal bingo sites will likely disappear forever. Bingo sites that cannot match the games and player incentives of larger bingo networks will not be able to effectively compete in today’s UK bingo market.

For online bingo players all of this is good news because for them it means better games, prizes and more responsive customer service. Other benefits could possibly include shorter payout times and creative account funding options. Most industry observers believe that the UK bingo market is already saturated and that many of the new sites will fail within the first two years of operation. The atmosphere may be tense in the bingo industry but for players times are great!