Online Bingo Relatively Scandal Free

In the UK, there have been calls recently for more regulation of internet gambling sites. Many online gamblers are calling for new regulations after having been cheated by less than scrupulous gaming sites. One online poker site was ordered to pay millions to players and sports’ betting has also been in the news as unregulated betting sites take player’s wagers with no intention of paying out. Fortunately internet bingo has not been plagued with any scandals. Typically land based casinos are licensed, taxed and highly regulated. In the US casino employees must undergo extensive background checks to eliminate those with criminal records. Land based casinos are usually required to provide players with game statistics and odds. In most land based casinos house players must identify themselves if asked. Land based gamblers have a lot of protections but the internet is different.

In Europe and the UK, online gamblers, including players of internet bingo games, are protected by EU and UK regulations. The UK maintains a ‘white list’ of accepted gaming jurisdictions and EU regulations are quite strict.  If players stick to sites licensed in these jurisdictions they are protected against fraud and other abuses. Since the internet is global in scope the online gaming industry is hard to control outside of approved jurisdictions. As an example the US passed strict anti online gaming regulations that are all but impossible to enforce. Since US players must play at offshore websites they do not enjoy the consumer protections of UK and European players. Less than honest websites have taken advantage of this and fraud and outright cheating take place regularly and have cost online players millions.

Fortunately for bingo players there have been few scandals in the world of land based and online bingo. In the UK land based bingo is highly regulated and is controlled by the Gaming Commission. Bingo sites like Bingohouse licensed in ‘white list’ jurisdictions go to great lengths to maintain their white list status. Bingo sites licensed elsewhere sometimes engage is less than honest withdrawal practices. Players may be offered very attractive bonuses but find that even after depositing significant amounts of money they are unable to withdraw their winnings. Players should read all of the terms and conditions regarding deposits and withdrawals. A recent study found that several bingo sites require players to wager up to 20 times more than the sum of their deposit and bonus. If the terms and conditions regarding deposits and withdrawals are deliberately vague it is probably better to find another more forthright site to play at.

It is easy to stay safe online. There are many forums and review sites that will point out unscrupulous operators. Check out casino chat rooms and forums and the other resources available online. Fortunately for online bingo players the industry has suffered very few scandals and when one does take place the news is widely distributed.