Stretching Those Bingo Dollars – Some Helpful Tips

The recession has affected all of us in varying degrees. A lot of people have had to cut back on unnecessary expenses and are watching expenditures closely. We all work long and hard for our money and want to get the best value for our pounds and dollars. One of the first things many cut back on in hard times is entertainment expenses. That’s where internet bingo comes in; bingo on the internet is one of the best entertainment values online, not to mention the fact that you can win some serious cash playing online bingo! Here are a few suggestions to help you stretch those hard earned bingo dollars and pounds.

Find the best deposit bonuses and take advantage of them. Thanks to industry competition bingo sites are going all out offering very generous deposit bonuses. Deposit bonuses of over 500% are now common and are easy to find.  You can double, triple or even quintuple your initial bingo deposit and essentially play dozens of games using the bonus money. Although the bonus money cannot be withdrawn money won in games using bonus money usually is credited to a player’s account. Check the sites for the terms and conditions of deposit bonuses.

Take advantage of bonus points and special chat games. Chat games are side games run by the chat leader and you can win points or bonus bocks by playing chat games. Those bingo bonus points can come in handy when your account is low and you want to play a few games of online bingo.

Try the guaranteed jackpot bingo games. Guaranteed jackpots are fixed unlike progressive jackpots and most sites are now offering substantial guaranteed jackpots to attract new players and retain established players.

Try progressive jackpot games. A progressive jackpot is ‘rolled over’ from game to game if there is no winner. Sometimes these jackpots are huge and the games are very exciting. One interesting fact about bingo jackpots; a majority of people that play internet bingo report winning a jackpot of more than $1,000 at some point in their playing ‘career.’

If you are new to online bingo take advantage of the free bingo offered by most websites. That way you can learn the online version of the game and be a more effective player.

As always, play responsible. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you are short on cash stick to the less expensive games. Most sites offer cards priced from a penny upward.

These are just a few ways you can stretch your hard earned bingo dollars and pounds. As you get more familiar with the game you will probably think up even more ways to save while playing online bingo. Good luck!