‘Bruno’ Bingo Lawsuit Dismissed

Way back in 2007 a woman sued well known comedian Sacha Baron Cohen over an incident at a charity bingo game she was running for senior citizens in Palm dale California. The alleged victim Richelle Olson said the incident occurred after Cohen appeared at the game in the guise of his Bruno persona, a gay Austrian fashionista. According to Olsen’s account of the incident Cohen appeared in sexually provocative clothing and started using obscenities while calling the numbers for the bingo game. Olson said she was forced to take the microphone from Cohen after he used “vulgar and offensive language.” Olson claimed she was knocked to the ground and was mobbed by members of Cohen’s camera crew who, according to legal documents, “attacked [her] for a period of one to five minutes to intentionally create a dramatic emotional response … while [they] recorded her humiliation and embarrassment.”

Olson claimed she was “crippled” by the attacks and sued Cohen and NBC Universal claiming they deceived her into believing Bruno was a celebrity In 2009 Olson’s lawsuit was amended dropping the assault and battery charges while preserving the her claim that she suffered emotional distress. NBC Universal had said that the lawsuit was baseless saying that the film footage showed no assault. Cohen is no stranger to lawsuits and was sued several times for antics in his hit film ‘Borat.’ Cohen’s ‘Bruno’ persona has also been unsuccessfully sued several times.

Olson maintained she suffered emotional distress but a Los Angeles judge disagreed. The judge found the lawsuit to be without merit and dismissed the suit. Olson was required to pay Cohen’s legal expenses which amounted to $ 17,000 dollars. Olson had originally sought $25,000 in damages and now she will have to pay much more than the amount she sought in court.  It would appear that all of Cohen’s characters have all legal bases covered.  It goes without saying that most likely Bruno will not be invited to many bingo games in the future.

Of course not all bingo games get as rowdy as the one where Cohen served as caller but bingo games can provide some pretty exciting entertainment. Internet bingo now provides millions of players around the world with great bingo games, huge jackpots and prizes galore. All that is needed is an internet connection and exciting bingo games can be played from the comfort of home 24/7. Many caller of internet bingo games are just as entertaining as Bruno himself!