Five Top Facts About Bingo Bonuses

An old adage says that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’ but in the internet bingo world there is something even better-free money! Bingo bonuses and free bingo offers are essentially free money that players can use to play games at internet bingo sites. Bingo bonuses vary; some are based on a percentage of a deposit while others may be a set amount. Most bingo sites also offer new players a certain amount of free bingo so potential players can check out all the games on the site. Of course sites offering free bingo hope that those playing free bingo games will sign up and wager real money. Most bingo bonuses come with very specific terms and conditions. Here are a few of the most common conditions placed on the free money offered by bingo sites.

1.    First and foremost bingo bonuses are never redeemable for cash. Deposits, winnings and bonuses are treated separately. Instead of cash bonuses some sites may use points that can be redeemed for game play.

2.    At some sites bonus offers can expire. Deposit bonuses and chat room bonuses usually have an expiration date, generally 30 days. It is always a good idea to check all the terms and conditions associated with any bingo bonus.

3.    You can lose your bonus money when you cash out winnings. Quite a few bingo sites will penalize players when they cash in winnings. Sites will either penalize the player a certain amount or may reset bonus money to $0. Some sites use the penalties as a way to discourage cash outs but since the world of online bingo is so competitive very few sites will use bonus penalties as a way to discourage cash outs.

4.    Some online bingo experts say that bonuses are a scam and only give the illusion of free play. Since bingo sites cannot just hand out money willy nilly players cannot redeem the bonuses. Some say that some bingo bonuses are structured to encourage players to spend deposits and winnings before the bonuses expire.

5.    Many sites have wagering requirements before any funds won with bonus money can be cashed out. As an example suppose the bingo bonus is $15 and the player wagers $5 dollars and wins $200. The $200 may not be withdrawable until an ‘acceptable’ amount of play has taken place.

Bingo bonuses are a great way for players to stretch those hard earned bingo dollars and pounds. Originally developed as a marketing strategy by online bingo providers bingo bonuses are one of the most popular and attractive features of internet bingo games.