Social Aspect of Online Bingo Important to Players

Recent surveys of internet bingo players in the UK have revealed that participants spend an astounding amount of time online playing their favorite game. The most recent report suggests that the average online bingo player spends about 12 hours a week online playing. One gaming expert says he was surprised by the figures and had expected the figures to be much higher. Lorien Pilling who is head of research at Global Betting and Gaming Consultants said that the total of 624 hours, or 26 days, each year was much less than he had expected. He said the figures were much higher in many of the cases he had researched. Pilling said that most internet bingo players spend a significant amount of time socializing in chat rooms in addition to the time spent actually playing games. Pilling stated, “The point of online bingo is that it’s quite a social game. You spend quite a bit of time chatting with your colleagues and friends in the various chat rooms.”

For many people that play bingo online, the social scene in chat rooms is just as important as playing the game itself. The online bingo industry has realized the importance of social networking to players and most sites have introduced a wide range of features designed to recreate the feel of a live bingo hall. Pilling had this to say about chat rooms, “Chat rooms, community features and building your profile are all very much part of online bingo – I think it’s as much about that as it is the gambling and the bingo itself.” Bingo providers have realized that good chat leaders are worth their weight in gold and many players select sites based on the quality of the chat rooms. Many bingo sites provide players with special chat based games and promotions. Many chat games are played simultaneously with ongoing bingo games. While chat games usually do not have large jackpots and prizes players can win free bingo games and credits.

Many experts believe that online bingo holds the key to the future of bingo. Four years ago many players abandoned local bingo halls in favour of online bingo due to the national smoking ban. At the time a study showed that about 65% of all bingo players smoked and the loss of these players pressured land based bingo halls. Since then online bingo sites have attracted millions of players and it has been estimated that about three million people play bingo every week. Given the rise in the number of online players it would appear that the experts are right; online bingo is the future of the game of bingo!