Bingo Technology Benefits Blind Players

Technology has made a lot of quality of life improvements for the handicapped. For the blind there are a wide variety of tools available that make it possible to use a computer and even play bingo online. In the UK where there are millions of regular bingo players the invention of audible bingo cards has made it possible for the blind to enjoy a night out at local bingo halls. Audible bingo cards emit a beep when a number is daubed and there is a setting that tells the player when a bingo has been scored.

In the US a Rochester New York woman has had to fight for her right to use audible bingo cards. Joanna Richardson is a long time bingo fan who just happens to be blind. Ms. Richardson used to have to rely on friends to help her daub her bingo cards and when audible cards became available she decided to use the new technology. Unfortunately some very mean spirited bingo –players complained about the noise and Ms. Richardson was told she had to use the cards on ‘silent mode’ defeating the purpose of the cards. She decided to fight the decision and took her case all the way to the New York Racing and Wagering Board who finally ruled that she could use the audible cards. Bingo players are usually a friendly and supportive bunch and it is hard to imagine what type of person would complain about an audible bingo card being used by a blind person.

Some older bingo players who have lost their sight have not lost their passion for bingo. After suffering a stroke one bingo player’s sight began to fade. For most people the onset of blindness would mean the end of their playing days but this woman was determined to keep on playing. She memorized the position of the numbers on the cards before she lost her sight completely. Her son regularly accompanies his mother to her bingo games.

In the UK bingo halls have gone all out to accommodate handicapped players. Most halls are handicapped accessible and most offer cards with large numbers or audible bingo cards to players with limited vision. Some internet bingo sites are also equipped to handle players who are blind or have limited vision. Technology has benefited the vision impaired and has made it possible for them to play exciting games of bingo.