Christmastime and the Winnin’ is Easy!

A recent report about internet bingo in the UK revealed some very interesting and surprising figures. 88% of all online bingo players surveyed said they had won a jackpot at some point in their playing ‘career.’ Since bingo is a random game of chance this means that just about anyone who plays the online version of the game will be a winner. Many online bingo jackpots are sizable and winning one of these large jackpots can be a life changing experience. The UK has already produced a couple of bingo millionaires and it is just a matter of time before online bingo will produce its first bingo millionaire. In the survey only 12% of all players surveyed said they had never had a cash win playing internet bingo games. Here are some of the findings and figures;

9% said they had won £5 to £24 (48.14-$39.07)

8% said they had won £25 to £49 ($40.70-$79.77)

5% won between £50 to £99 ($81.40-$161.17)

12% won between £100 to £249 ($162.81-$405.40)

17% won £250 to £499 ($407.01-$812.43)

17% said they had won £500 or more ($814.08)

As can be seen, a large number of people that play internet bingo have won some pretty good jackpots. In addition many bingo sites routinely offer jackpots worth tens of thousands of pounds or dollars. There have been many good sized bingo wins reported and many sites have a special players gallery for big winners.

The Christmas season is rapidly approaching and most bingo sites are rolling out their Christmas promotions early. Some of the jackpots and prizes are spectacular and there are sure to be many happy bingo winners during the holiday season. Online bingo has it all; cash prizes, expensive jewelry, luxury vacations, concert tickets to see the hottest stars perform and much, much more. It’s Christmastime at most online bingo sites and winning has never been easier!