Early Bingo Christmas Promotions

Although Christmas is a good eight or nine weeks away judging from most of the ads from online bingo sites one would think Christmas is just around the corner. Internet bingo sites are already rolling out their Christmas promotions despite the fact that Halloween has just passed and Thanksgiving has not yet taken place. Online bingo portals and review sites are chock full of the latest Christmas promotions from most bingo sites. It is as if bingo sites have moved the traditional ‘black Friday’ shopping season up a few weeks. Of course black Friday can also be a very active sales day online and many bingo sites want to take advantage of the opportunities that black Friday shoppers can provide.

A Google search using the search terms ‘online bingo Christmas promotions’ had about 78,600 results listed. Just about every bingo site online is represented and early Christmas bingo promotions seem to be the order of the day in the online bingo industry.  In addition to Christmas promotions most bingo sites are also offering special Christmas bingo bonuses and many of these are quite generous. Many sites are giving players the chance to win some much needed Christmas shopping money. Their chances to win some extra cash are good. A recent survey revealed that 90% of all online bingo players had scored a cash win and over half had won over £100 ($160.94 USD) pounds which could really come in handy during the Christmas season. 17% of players surveyed said they had won between £250 ($402.28 USD)to £499 ($802.79 USD)and another 17% said they had won jackpots of over £500 pounds. ($804.13 USD)

In addition to four and five figure jackpots bingo sites like BingoHouse are giving away prizes like concert tickets, jewelry and luxury cruises and vacations all of which would make great Christmas presents. Players can easily increase their chances of winning by taking advantage of the generous Christmas bonuses being offered by most bingo websites. The ability to play more games using bonuses means increased chances of a big bingo win.