New Players and Bingo Site Reviews

There are a large number of sites providing players with reviews and ratings of the hundreds of bingo sites online. At the present time there are over 300 bingo sites serving the UK market alone! In the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, internet bingo games are now the most profitable sector of the online gaming industry and several new bingo sites are launched every week. The number of internet bingo sites makes it difficult for new players to find the bingo site that is best for their individual needs.

Review sites can be good sources of information but be advised that some review sites are run by the bingo sites or networks and may not be the most impartial or accurate source of information. Generally these sites are easy to spot and will only promote and review a very limited number of sites. Reviews can vary in quality and amount of information provided. Many provide very detailed information while others will only provide a couple of sentences with little useful information. In addition some review sites and blogs are set up for the sole purpose of search engine optimization (SEO) and will contain no useful information except gibberish composed of targeted keywords. While these can be annoying they are quickly spotted and the player can move on to a site that does provide legitimate information.

A good bingo site review is written by an experienced player who has actually played games at the site being reviewed. Some sites allow real players to post reviews and these can be a very good source of information. Reviews written by actual players are the most accurate. A good review should cover the games offered, bonuses, promotions and customer service. Business practices should be discussed; for example deposit and withdrawal experiences, ticket prices and jackpots.

A thorough review will also cover the software used at a specific site and ease of use and any glitches encountered. Some of the better reviews will provide screenshots of the various games so potential players can see how the software works and what to expect. A link to the site being reviewed should be provided making it easy for the reader to access the site being reviewed. There is definitely no shortage of information about most of the bingo sites. New players can save themselves a lot of time, trouble and money by doing the research before signing up at any bingo site.