Online Bingo Fueling a Rise in Land Based Bingo

After the passage of the Gaming Act in 1968 bingo took Britain by storm. Bingo had been popular since the early postwar years but after the Gaming Act was passed bingo palaces sprang up all over the country. Old movie theatres and dance halls were converted into massive bingo halls and hugs garish bingo halls appeared in most large cities. Gala and Mecca dominated the land based bingo industry for years and still are major players in the industry.  At the present time there are about 600 bingo halls across the UK and despite recent troubles caused by the smoking ban and double taxation land based bingo is making a comeback in the UK.

Bingo generates over a billion pounds a year and provides the government with hundreds of millions of pounds in tax revenue. There is even a national bingo game and there have been several newly minted bingo millionaires thanks to the national game. Most bingo halls have regular players and these can be easily spotted thanks to the collection of lucky charms and lucky daubers placed around them. It is common for a group of long time bingo buddies to play on certain days of the week and generally these groups will sit together and share winnings.

One recent bingo phenomenon has been the influx of younger players who started to play bingo online. Many find the real life bingo experience just as exciting as online bingo and like the fact to face interaction and camaraderie that takes place at bingo halls. Many busy moms look forward to a chance to get out of the house and socialize with friends over a few drinks and games of bingo. Playing land based bingo requires much more concentration and focus than online bingo. Internet bingo players can have their cards marked automatically and can play dozens of cards simultaneously. At bingo halls players must pay close attention to calls and must mark their cards swiftly and accurately. Most bingo players love the challenge and say that the live games are actually relaxing and allow them to forget their troubles for a while.

Online bingo is still going strong in the UK and is actually fueling the resurgence of land based bingo. Many bingo halls have followed the lead of some bingo sites and offer players exciting tournaments with huge jackpots.  It looks like bingo is here to stay in the UK.