Online Bingo – The First Decade

The internet bingo industry has rapidly expanded over the past decade. To give readers an idea of just how much the industry has grown a report dated 2000 said there were only ten credible bingo sites online. By 2002 that number had increased to about 30and presently in 2010 there are about 400 bingo sites targeting the UK market and many others that serve American players. In addition there are several Scandinavian sites and the industry recently expanded into Spain and Italy. Figures giving a reliable total of all the bingo sites now online are difficult to come by but it should be apparent that since 2002 the internet bingo industry has become one of the largest online gaming sectors.

Generally online bingo falls into one of three categories; free online bingo, pay to play bingo and game sites and online casinos that offer bingo. Free bingo sites are generally supported by advertising revenue or data mining and many of these sites are able to provide players with free bingo for cash or prizes. There are hundreds of reputable pay to play bingo sites and most of these sites offer players a large selection of player incentives such as deposit bonuses, reload bonuses, bingo promotions, loyalty programs and many other inducements. In recent years the bonuses have grown thanks to the highly competitive atmosphere in the pay to play bingo industry. There are also many online casinos that offer bingo in addition to poker, blackjack and casino and table games.  Some game sites are free but most are pay to play online casinos.

The internet bingo industry works in much the same way as the online casino industry. Software is licensed to bingo providers and the cost of the software can be based on an upfront fee, an ongoing royalty scheme or a combination of both. Many bingo sites are part of a network using the same software which is why so many bingo sites have a similar look. Just like online casino games bingo games come in download games or no download Flash and Java versions.

In the beginning most online bingo players were females 35 – 54 years old but that is rapidly changing. Now the typical online bingo player is much younger; typically female 18 to 35 years old.  About half of all players say that bingo is the only gambling they take part in. Bingo has come a long way since 2000 and recent news reports indicate that new technological advances are coming soon that may change the whole face of online bingo.