Staying Safe With Condom Bingo

On college campuses across the country a new kind of bingo game has emerged. The new bingo game is designed to teach students the basics of safe sex and is known as ‘condom bingo.’ College students are known for coming up with all kinds of original and humorous games and condom bingo is the newest variation on an old game. On the Cornell college campus condom bingo has become an annual event. Innocent bystanders entering the Cornell campus center on condom bingo night were treated to bingo calls of a suggestive nature. Instead of calling a traditional call of ‘b 14’ the master of ceremonies would shout various sexual terms. Instead of chips to cover the squares on the bingo cards condoms were used.

Students at Ohio Wesleyan University recently held their own round of condom bingo. Tables at the campus center held printed materials with information about sexually transmitted diseases providing valuable information designed to educate students about the risks of unprotected sex and the consequences.  Typically the questions used for the unique bingo games are presented in a light hearted and humorous manner but cover some pretty serious topics. Examples of questions used ranged from “Do all STDs have symptoms?” to “How effective are condoms when used perfectly?” The bingo cards contained corresponding answers to the questions and players covered the appropriate square with a condom.

Players found the unusual bingo game fun and informative. One freshman stated, “It was a fun and educational experience. I wish it had lasted longer,” and another student said, “I learned a lot of useful information about safe sex.” The host of the game Kat Enders said, “I chose to have condom bingo as a floor event because I thought it would be a fun way to educate residents about sexual health. I wanted to do something educational, but also something that people would want to go to.”

College campuses all over are hosting their own games of condom bingo in an attempt to educate incoming freshmen about the danger of unprotected sex and the results have been positive. There are several websites offering many versions of condom bingo cards for free. Most administrators approve of the games because of their educational value. The game has rapidly spread to college campuses in the US and Canada and most colleges have already hosted several games of condom bingo.

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