90 Ball Bingo Most Popular UK Bingo Game

In the UK, bingo started to gain in popularity shortly after World War II. Bingo first became popular with visitors to holiday camps and its popularity spread. Then late 50’s and the 60’s were the golden age of bingo in the UK. Massive bingo palaces began to appear in towns and cities across the country. The bright lights and glitz attracted millions of players. Land based Bingo’s popularity continued into the 90’s when many formerly ornate bingo halls fell into disrepair. At that time bingo was seen as a game for pensioners and was not ‘cool’ with younger people. The implementation of the smoking ban sounded the death knell for many bingo halls. In 2009 the UK government released statistics that showed that the number of bingo halls fell from 650 to 460 bingo halls a 29% decline.

Bingo has a long history in Europe and actually began in Italy in the 15th century. Some European games used chips numbered from 1 to 90 and a caller would pull the numbered chips out of a bag. The game quickly spread to Australia where it was known as ‘housie.’ The first internet bingo games were launched in 1996 and the games were primitive by today’s standards. Numbers were called in a robotic monotone and the graphics were less than spectacular. Today 90 ball bingo remains the most popular game at UK internet bingo websites.

Usually 90 ball bingo games are played in three stages. 90 ball bingo cards have three horizontal lines and nine columns. Each line contains five numbers. In the first column are numbers 1 through 19 and so on to the final column which contains the numbers 81 through 90. 90 ball bingo games are played in three stages. The first stage is the one line game where players mark off numbers until one horizontal line has been completed. The next stage is the two line game where players mark off numbers until two horizontal lines have been completed. The third stage if a full house game where players must mark off all 15 numbers on the card.

In the UK 90 ball bingo is the most popular game at most online bingo sites. Thanks to competition, internet bingo is a player’s market. Internet bingo sites are offering players ever increasing jackpots and player incentives. Internet bingo games have attracted a younger generation of players ensuring the game’s survival well into the 21st century.