Auto Daub Popular Internet Bingo Site Feature

Bingo, both land based and online, is one of the most played internet bingo games in the world. About 60 million people enjoy a good game of bingo regularly and internet bingo is now a billion dollar a year business. In the UK internet bingo is the largest sector of the online gaming industry. Land based bingo remains popular on both sides of the Atlantic and there are hundreds of bingo halls in the US and the UK. Most land based bingo games in the US were formerly operated by churches and charitable organizations but there are now many large commercial bingo halls across the country. In the UK bingo has a long and colorful history. Almost every British city has its own massive bingo hall where hundreds of players can be seen marking their bingo cards with intense concentration.

Go to any land based bingo hall and you will likely be amazed by how many cards some players will play and the swiftness with which they mark the cards as the numbers are called. For many players manually marking several bingo cards can be very limiting. Playing too many cards inevitably leads to mistakes which can cost a player a jackpot. Land based bingo players must arrange their cards carefully and most bingo callers announce the numbers extremely fast.

Internet bingo players have a choice whether they mark their own bingo cards or use the auto daub feature available at most internet bingo websites. Many people that play bingo online still mark their cards manually as a matter of personal preference. Many people enjoy the fast paced action and find marking their own cards an exciting part of the game. Most internet bingo players use the auto daub feature because of the convenience offered by the feature. Some sites will actually offer special games to those that like to manually mark their bingo cards. Keep in mind that internet bingo games move a lot faster than land based games so never try to play more bingo cards than you can handle.

The auto daub feature allows players to play dozens of cards at a time. Since bingo is a random game of chance playing more cards is probably the best way for players to increase the odds in their favor. Sitting at a computer for long periods of time can be difficult for some people and the auto daub feature allows players to get up and away from their computer without interrupting the game. Auto daub is easily one of the most popular features at internet bingo sites.