Bingo Brawlers

Most people don’t associate bingo with bad behavior. Many still believe in the stereotype of a typical bingo player as a little old lady sitting in a smoky bingo hall rapidly marking their cards oblivious to the world around them. While it is true that a majority of bingo players are ladies bingo has attracted many younger players and internet bingo has attracted a whole new generation of tech savvy bingo players. Most disputes at bingo halls are settled amicably and outright violence is a rarity but when it happens it really draws attention.

At a recent bingo game in Clarksville, Tennessee two female bingo players got down and dirty. For many residents of South Central Village Apartments in Clarksville, the weekly bingo games are the highlight of the week. Resident Janet Bumpus stated, “They love it here.  It’s the one activity during the week you get to enjoy here.” While preparing for the weekly bingo games Bumpus and neighbor Pepi Elmore started to argue about missing prizes. Each woman tells a different story about what actually happened. The argument started out as verbal but turned physical. Elmore accuses Bumpus, who is confined to a wheelchair, of running over foot. Bumpus accuses Elmore of striking her. Obviously this kind of behavior is not typical of bingo players and unfortunately this incident attracted media attention.

There have been other ‘bingo brawls’ but they are extremely rare. Internet bingo players are unlikely to encounter such behavior and physical contact if impossible. Internet bingo sites have chat rooms where players can talk to each other and these are usually closely moderated. When disputes occur online bingo games the chat leader will step in and will warn the offending player. If the bad behavior persists the chat leader has the option to kick the player out of the game and chat room. Most of the time conversations are civil and friendly and chat room participants are expected to adhere to an unwritten code of etiquette.

Chat room etiquette is based on common sense and the golden rule. People that play internet bingo are a friendly lot and are happy to teach new players chat room etiquette and will answer most of the questions new players usually have. For internet bingo players bingo brawling is a thing of the past.