Early Snowstorm Sends Bingo Players Online in the UK

Last year when a massive cold wave and snowstorm hit the UK and parts of Europe many online payment providers experienced a massive increase in traffic. Shoppers who were stranded and didn’t want to venture out into the cold to shop for holiday gifts stayed home and went online to shop. One popular online payment provider Ukash reported a large increase in the number of prepaid vouchers purchased by homebound British shoppers. In fact the payment provided experienced an astounding 70% day to day increase in transactions compared with 2008. The snowstorm benefited most online merchants and the internet bingo industry reported a massive increase in traffic during the snowstorms. The cold weather and snow hit in late December and held the UK in its grip well into January.

Industry statistics show that when there is inclement weather, the number of people that play bingo online increases significantly. In 2009 the severe weather caused chaos all over the UK. Airports closed and flights were canceled or delayed, train traffic came to a virtual standstill and thousands of motorists were stranded. To cope with the boredom of long confinement at home thousands chose to keep warm and relax with a good game of internet bingo. In addition to bingo sites many gambling and game sites reported greatly increased traffic. Internet bingo has long been popular with those searching for cheap home entertainment. Millions of Britons play internet bingo regularly making the UK bingo market the largest on the planet.

Internet bingo operators are sure to be pleased with the early arrival of winter and the extended forecast for winter 2010-11. Winter arrived early in the UK this year and many areas report snowfall and chilling temperatures. Many meteorologists believe that this winter will be similar to last year’s and will include significant amounts of snow and very cold temperatures. The weather will undoubtedly send many bingo players online resulting in increased 4th quarter profits for bingo sites and networks. Investors are also sure to be pleased with the prospect of a snowy profitable year’s end.

Most bingo sites have already rolled out their annual holiday bingo promotions and snowbound players are sure to be pleased by the special games and additional bingo bonuses. Even better players stand a good chance of winning some extra Christmas cash! Statistics show that about 88% of all bingo players have won a jackpot at some point in their playing career. The next big winner could easily be you!